What is a smart landing page?

hat is a landing page and how can it be smart? According to Wikipedia, “In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement (or a Google result). The page will usually display sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link”. Landing pages are designed to drive people to making a decision, a call to action so to speak. Let’s face it, there are billions of web pages out there, but what makes a smart page, or at the least, a smart looking page, is if the person looking at it actually clicks where you want them to! Landing page optimization or having a smart landing page is just one facet of Internet marketing. It’s called Conversion Rate Optimization. Ultimately the goal is to improve the percentage of visitors to your website that convert to sales leads and customers. After all, that’s what makes the web go ’round. These day’s the Internet, and Internet marketing is very competitive. Smart Landing pages get you more customers. It’s that simple.

Your own search engine optimized smart landing page

Search Engine Optimization comes after you have an idea. If you are doing business on the Internet, or want to, Smart Landings can help you with marketing your website or Internet business. We have ready made concepts for business owners, search engine marketers, and eCommerce websites that can help you be number one on Google. Let us help you with the secrets of getting your idea going the right way and fast!

Being smart about Social Networking

We should all know more about Social Networks and the Internet. Do you know how to build a following on Twitter? Twitter and Facebook are actually smart landing pages. They express a strong call to action; follow me, like, share and retweet. Do you know how to build a social network for your business with everything you need? Do you know how long it will take? Do you have a checklist of what to do and where to start? If your new web presence isn’t setup correctly you may not be successful. Maybe you already have all this and want to start over. We can help you get this done right and FAST!

Social networking helps us all get smarter about our family and friends, our community or customers. Get smart about your target market, and smart about Social Networking and Internet marketing. Being smart about anything is possible!